Placement Tests for Transfer Students

Transfer students may be required to take a placement test depending on what you plan to study and the courses you are transferring to Iowa. The results will help your advisor to assist you in selecting courses appropriate to your ability level.

Any required placement tests should be taken well in advance of your Orientation session. International students in F-1 or J-1 status enrolling for fall should complete any required placement tests by May 27. However, students are encouraged to take the test as soon as possible after being offered admission so that we can plan for your course needs.

  • Math Placement Exam
    • Students who took a year or more of Calculus in high school or who have earned college credit for Calculus - Click Here
    • Students who did not take a year or more of Calculus in high school and who have not earned college credit for Calculus - Click Here
  • Chemistry
    You should take the Chemistry Diagnostic Test (CDT) if you considering a major in any of the health or natural sciences and have not completed the chemistry courses for your major.

  • World Languages
    Whether or not you'll need to take a World Languages Placement Test (WLPT) depends upon your previous study of a world language and your future plans for language study at Iowa.